Paris Francophone Institute For Freedoms Demands Re-Entry Visa To Israel Of HRW Director


PARIS – The Francophone Paris Institute for Freedoms  called on Israel to reinstate the entry visa for Omar Shaker, director of the Human Rights Watch office in the country.

Israel canceled his visa this month and accused him of supporting a boycott campaign targeting Israel, which the Paris Institute considered an arbitrary measure contrary to the freedom of action of human rights organizations

The institute said that Israeli authorities should reverse their decision because, if they do not, Israel would join a very short list of countries that deny Human Rights Watch staff entry or expulsion.

On 7 May 2018, the Israeli authorities withdrew the work permit of Omar Shaker and ordered him to leave Israel within 14 days. The government said it was because of Shakir’s alleged support for boycotting Israel.

The Paris Francophone Paris Institute for Freedoms said it was not about Shaker and Human Rights Watch but about silencing human rights organizations and stop criticizing Israel’s human rights record.

The Institute stressed that the deportation of jurists are shameful acts that symbolize a repressive police-oriented state and that Israel should review its serious violations of international humanitarian law.

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