Paris Francophone Institute For Freedoms: UAE Goes Beyond UN Resolutions To Continue Somali Coal Import


PARIS – Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms has asked the United Nations to investigate the UAE’s constant import of coal from Somalia in spite of an international ban on its exports as it is used to fund the country’s armed youth group.

The Paris Institute, an international human rights organization, said in a press release that the UAE continues to import coal, albeit in smaller quantities in a single shipment, so that not to be revealed. Which puts it in a position to override United Nations resolutions and to be involved in supporting the UAE.

The UN has banned the export of Somali coal, which is used to fund the armed group “Al Shabaab” in Somalia, which has been caught up in acts of “violence and terrorism”, in millions of dollars during the past year, and funding other tribal militias.

The statement  pointed out that the advertisements for the sale of Somali coal increased in the UAE commercial websites, which supports through this export of the Somali youth movement and funding in its role to spread subversion and chaos in Somalia, which has been complained by Mogadishu repeatedly.

The institute pointed out that the UAE authorities turned to cheating through the passage of some vessels carrying Somali coal smuggled through the ports of Djibouti and the UAE, as the country of origin of coal is Djibouti, not Somalia.

The emergence of illegal Somali coal trade patterns has also seen the presence of transnational criminal networks operating in the UAE and Somalia, while the association of external security forces in Somali security has contributed to the sustained export of coal from Somalia.

The Paris  Francophone Institute for Freedoms has called for the creation of a UN commission of inquiry into the UAE’s involvement in supporting terrorism in Somalia and other African countries, violating international legitimacy resolutions, and funding separatists to support the spread of chaos and sabotage.

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