Paris-Francophone Institute For Freedoms: EU Is Partner In Violations Of Palestinian Security


PARIS – Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms accused, on Thursday, the European Union of taking part in the suppression of the peaceful demonstrations in the West Bank and violating the right to peaceful demonstration.
The Paris Institute, an international human rights organization, said in a press release that the European Union, as the largest financier of the Palestinian Authority and its security services, is responsible for its suppression and violations of peaceful demonstrators.
The Institute disapproved the silence of the European Union on the violations of the Palestinian security forces and the fact that it was involved in the financing, professionalization and legitimization of very politicized, unaccountable, democratic security services.
It stressed that this stands on the opposite side of the values of the foreign policy of the European Union, and is far from the approach developed by the Union for the reforms of the Palestinian security sector.
The Institute confirmed that the European Union is gradually becoming a participant in maintaining the status quo if the PA’s current decline in authoritarianism, repression and violations of peaceful demonstrations continues.
It pointed out that this is contrary to the principles established by the European Union since 1991 for the promotion and reinforcing of democracy, human rights and reform as a top priority for its foreign policy. In addition, EU considered the promotion of democracy and respecting t human rights is a prerequisite for the continued cooperation of the European Union with its international partners.
The Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms called on the European Union to review its funding programs for the Palestinian security services, including programs to impose law and order in response to violations and abuse of human rights by the Palestinian Authority and its security services.
The European Union is the largest collective financier of the Palestinian state. In recent years, the total contribution of the European Commission and the member states of the European Union has reached one billion Euros a year. It is estimated that half of this amount is due to the strengthening of Palestinian security capabilities and the promotion of the culture of democracy and human rights.

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