Paris Francophone Institute [or Freedom Condemns Arresting Saudi comedian In Solidarity With Prisoners Of Freedom Of expression


PARIS – Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms condemned, on Tuesday,  the Saudi authorities for arresting a comedian for expressing his solidarity with the people of freedom of expression in the kingdom and opposing arrests of human rights activists..

The Paris Institute, an international human rights organization, said in a press statement that the Saudi authorities were once again shutting up any voices opposing their policies or even in solidarity with the victims of their arbitrary arrests.

The institute considered that the arrest of the famous comedian Abdul Aziz al-Mahdi Al-Hazmi and his imprisonment in Riyadh is a new evidence of the reality of policies based on suppression and restriction of public freedoms.

The Institute noted that Al-Hazmi’s detention was carried out without any legal basis, without due process of law, nor was he able to meet with a lawyer. This shows the cruelty of the arbitrariness exercised by the Saudi authorities.

It stressed that the arrest of al-Hazmi, and previously  the human rights activist Mia Al-Zahrani just because of their solidarity with the detainees is a blow against  human rights laws and human rights defenders in the country.

The Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms called on the United Nations and international human rights organizations to hold their responsibility to stop the oppressive policies of the Saudi regime against its opponents and even whoever criticizes its policies. The institute also called to pressure the Saudi authorities to release all the illegally detained, especially the prisoners of freedom of expression.

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