Paris Francophone Institute Of Freedoms Welcomes Finishing Crisis Of 630 Immigrants Stuck For A Week In Mediterranean


PARIS – Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms welcomed, on Sunday, the end of the crisis of 630 migrants rescued on board the Aquarius after arriving in Spain a week later in the Mediterranean.

The institute stated that the arrival of immigrants (450 men, 7 pregnant women among 80, 89 teenager, 11 kids under age of 11  ) on board of the ship marks the end of an arduous journey that has cut 1,500 kilometers and caused a great controversy within the European Union over immigration.

At the same time, Paris Francophone Institute For Freedoms criticized the position of Italy and Malta who refused to receive the ship of immigrants, stressing that a European solution must be found.

The Institute stressed the need for the European Union to take positive steps and positions to support the protection and asylum of those living in appalling conditions in war-torn countries. This includes the opening of safe passages to asylum seekers to protect them rather than expel them or return them to their countries, where they keep on suffering their poor and unsafe situation. Otherwise, they will face their fate on the death boats.

The International Human rights Francophone institute also called on the European Union to activate rescue missions for those exposed to drowning in the Mediterranean. The EU countries should share the burden in a fair way to guarantee a decent life for all refugees. In addition,  it would have been possible to change the course of this crisis positively if it had been handled correctly by benefiting from the refugees by making them a productive part of the EU and integrating them into the EU. Communities rather than leaving them.

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