Paris Francophone Institute For Freedoms Denounces Arbitrary US Policy Toward Immigrants On The Mexico Borders


PARIS – Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms has denounced the United States’ arbitrary policy towards migrants on the border with Mexico and the practice of awful abuses against them.

Paris Institute said in a press statement that Washington’s zero-tolerance policy with migrants on the border with Mexico had led to the separation of 1,000 children from their parents, who had been suspended for allegedly entering the country illegally since mid-April.

The Human Rights Institute that the numbers are shocking and express an unethical policy of Washington towards immigrants, and called on the US administration to stop immediately these inhuman practices.

Under this policy, 1,995 children were separated from 1,940 adults between 19 April and 31 May in an attempt to deter further illegal crossings. The pitilessness of such a policy was bound to provoke outrage, and widespread expressions of revulsion have only intensified with the circulation of photographs of distraught children. News outlets, public figures, and people all over the world have rushed to condemned the inhumanity of the Trump administration. Is the outrage misplaced or is it justified?

“Our children’s detention standards are among the highest in the world,” the two ministries said in their defense of the conditions for receiving minors.

Paris Francophone Institute of Freedoms has drawn the attention to the reality of immigrant families, most of whom have fled chronic violence in Central America and have been separated since October 2017 in the United States. A number of these families came for asylum.

The institute condemned Washington’s policy that all migrants crossing the border illegally were arrested, whether with minors or not, leading to the separation of children from their parents.

It pointed out that the existing system, which consists of around 100 centers for the detention of minors, whether alone or with adults separated from them. They suffer from overcrowding because of the huge number.  Moreover,  sheltering these traumatized children in centers are done without appropriate medical care.

About 1,500 boys aged between 10 and 17 were placed in an old supermarket in Texas. In the suffocating place on the Mexican border, the authorities are making air-conditioned tents to counter the influx of minors.

A “temporary detention center” is set up in the same place in 2016, near a border post about 50 kilometers from El Paso, under President Barack Obama. This center was used to detain families without separating them.

The Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms called on the US administration to respect its obligations to international laws and conventions to deal with refugees and ensure their proper treatment and non-abuse of their human rights.

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