Paris Francophone Institute For Freedom Denounced Arrest Well-Known Saudi Preacher And Sons Due To Published Book


PARIS – Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms denounced the illegal arbitrary arrest of the well-known Saudi preacher Safar al-Hawali and three of his sons by the Saudi Authorities

The international human rights organization, Paris Institute, said in a press release that Saudi forces broke into the house of the preacher and treated him and his family arbitrarily before he was arrested with three of his son. They were humiliated and taken to an unknown place.

The institute pointed out that the place of detention of Al-Hawli and his sons is unknown and he has not been able to contact his family or a lawyer.

“The arrest of the Saudi authorities of Al-Hawali, a well-known 68-year-old Islamic philosopher, came after publishing a book that dealt with the prominent contemporary issues of the region and raised great controversy inside Saudi Arabia.

According to a leaked copy of the book entitled “Muslims and Western Civilization,” Al-Hawali talked about the billions spent by Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states on the United States during Donald Trump’s visit to Riyadh mid-last year.

In his book, Al-Hawali gave three tips to scholars, preachers and the Saudi ruling family. “Wise politics requires standing with the rising power that has a future, not the diminishing power,” Al-Hawali wrote in his advice to the ruling family. “Every thoughtful person thinks that the future of the world is for Islam, while America will gradually fall down.”

“Wise politics are involved in a war of guaranteed results and do not venture into a losing war.”

The three-thousand-page book is a preliminary version that has not yet been printed, sources said.

The book triggered controversy in social media in Saudi Arabia

Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms called on the Saudi authorities to release Al-Hawali immediately and stop his arbitrary detention which constitutes a flagrant violation of freedom of expression.

The institute pressured on Saudi Arabia to release al-Hawali and all the prisoners of freedom of expressions in the kingdom, and to compel Riyadh to respect its obligations towards the international treaties and conventions on human rights.

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