Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms deplores Israeli escalated arrests of Palestinian journalists & human rights activists


Paris – Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms condemned the escalating arrests of Palestinian journalists and human rights activists by Israeli authorities, and called for international intervention to release and stop targeting them.

Paris Institute, an international human rights organization, said in a press statement that the Israeli army arrested the42- year-old writer and human rights activist, Lama Khater from Hebron in the south of the West Bank and transferred to”Ashkelon”  prison, where she is subjected to harsh and intense interrogation.

42 years old, mother of five, Lama Khater is a Palestinian journalist. Her articles for Al Jazeera, Quds News Network and Meem Magazine have been critical of both the occupation and the PA, in particular, the security agreement the PA has made to police Palestinians on behalf of the occupation. This has resulted in both the Israeli occupation and the PA threatening her, demanding she stops her journalism.

From the moment she arrives at Ashkelon detention center, she is subjected to harsh interrogation and ill-treatment. she is tied to a chair all the time. The interrogators deny her sleep, and curse her all the time.

According to news reports, Khater is well known for her criticism of the Israeli occupation of Palestine and of the Palestinian National Authority. On July 20, she published an op-ed in Meem Magazine criticizing Israel for allegedly trying to starve Palestinians in the Gaza Strip in retaliation for the Great Return protests by partially closing the Karam Abu Salem border crossing in Gaza with the support of Egypt.

Khater’s arrest came in the context of a wide-scale crackdowns against Palestinian activists in the West Bank, after many of them were arrested and detained and others subjected to ill-treatment and abuse.

Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms called for an immediate and unconditional release of Khater and all human rights activists in the Palestinian territories who are arbitrarily detained by Israel for their legal and peaceful work in the defense of human rights.

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