PFIF Condemns Saudi Arabia’s Arbitrary Arrests Escalation Calling For International Action


PARIS – Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms (PFIF) has strongly condemned Saudi Arabia’s escalation of its arbitrary arrests of advocates, academics and human rights activists and the practice of extortion against the families of activists living abroad.

PFIF elaborated in a press statement that Saudi Arabia’s human rights violations had reached a dangerous and unprecedented level, with hundreds of detainees held in its prisons arbitrarily  illegally, reflecting Riyadh’s defiance of growing international censure of its illegal practices.

The Institute  highlighted the recent arrest by Saudi authorities of the preacher Sheikh Mamdouh Al-Harbi with another group of clerks on charges of “contributing to the collection of donations to dig water wells in remote parts of Africa.”

PFIF also highlighted the to the arrest of Saudi human rights activist Yasser bin Abdullah Al-Ayyaf, known for his defence of prisoners of opinion in the kingdom. Al-Ayyaf was exposed  before to arrests and beatings because of activity defending  the detainees, especially those who stayed for years without trial or charge.

PFIF warned that Saudi authorities were involved in the extortion against human rights activists, including arresting activist Abdullah Al-Ghamdi’s mother and brother and banning the children of academic Said bin Nasser from travelling. In addition, the Saudi authorities threats of activist Omar Bin Abdul Aziz to arrest members of his family and the insults of lawyer Sultan Abdali’s family.

PFIF called for prompt and urgent international action, demanding practical steps to punish Saudi Arabia due to its violations of human rights and the unprecedented suppression of public freedoms.

It stressed the international responsibility, including the United Nations and international organisations, to compel the Saudi authorities to stop all forms of harassment on human rights activists and to release the detainees immediately and unconditionally, including Saudi women activists who have been arrested for several months.

PFIF warned that Saudi prisons are crowded with dozens of preachers, academics and human rights activists and social media activists due to human rights demands to stop suppressing public freedoms in their countries.

Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms (PFIF) concluded by stressing the need to act against the terrible reality of Saudi Arabia’s human rights record. The Saudi regime is oppressive and is led by unjust forces that do not hesitate to violate the basic rights of citizens and human rights activists, scientists, preachers, economists, writers and thinkers.

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