Three Human Rights Organisations Call On EU Commission Adopt EU Parliament Decision To Condemn Saudi Arabia Violations


Three European human rights organisations called on the European Commission on Monday, to adopt the European Parliament’s resolution issued in May 31 condemning human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia.

In a joint statement, the International Federation for Research and Development (IFRD), Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms (PFIF) and Geneva Council for Human Rights and Justice (GCHJ) called on the European Commission to take practical steps to punish Saudi Arabia for its violations of human rights and the suppression of public freedoms.

They stressed the need for a European action to oblige the Saudi authorities to stop all forms of suppression of human rights activists and to release the detainees immediately and  unconditionally , including Saudi women activists who have been detained for several months.

The Saudi prisons are crowded with dozens of preachers, academics and activists for human rights, as well as activists on social media against the backdrop of human rights demands to stop the suppression of public freedoms.

The organisations pointed to the risk of regular human rights reports about exposing the detainees of freedom of expression in Saudi Arabia to secret trials without disclosing the charges against them amid affirmations that most of them were tortured and ill-treated.

On May 31, the European Parliament approved a draft resolution denouncing human rights violations in Saudi Arabia, demanding Riyadh to quick the release the detainees.

The European Parliament passed the resolution by a large majority after 525 deputies in flavor of the draft resolution, while opposed by 29 deputies and 71 abstained.

“The European Union has a moral and human responsibility to compel the Saudi authorities to stop discrimination against minorities, to respect the rights of individuals and groups and to stop arrests on the basis of freedom of opinion and expression,” said Pierre Pascal, spokesman for the Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms.

Pascal highlighted the series of violations of the Saudi authorities internally in the context of arbitrary arrests on the basis of opinion , and external implications of the human rights resulting from the siege imposed on Qatar by Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries for more than a year.

He stressed the appalling reality of Saudi Arabia’s human rights record in that the Saudi regime is oppressive and is led by unjust forces that do not hesitate to abuse the basic rights of citizens and human rights activists.

Pascal concluded that there is a need to put a great pressure from United Nations organisations and international human rights bodies in order to release detainees active in the field of human rights in Saudi Arabia and to stop its arbitrary violations of the most basic standards of human rights and public freedoms.

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