PFIF Condemns Migrants’ Deteriorating Situation Held In Libyan Centres


PARIS – Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms (PFIF) condemned on Sunday the deteriorating situation of migrants held in detention centres in Libya, leading to riots and hunger strikes.

Paris Institute, an international human rights organisation, stated in a press release that it was deeply concerned over the situation of more than 8,000 migrants detained in 18 centres linked to the internationally recognised government in Libya.

Libya’s immigration detention centres are experiencing a critical worsening in conditions due to increased overcrowding and lack of basic living standards, including lack of basic services, the institute said.

There have been riots and hunger strikes by refugees in detention centers demanding a solution to their miserable living conditions, resulting in a number of serious security incidents

Many migrants move to the centers after the EU-backed Libyan Coast Guard cuts off their way as they try to reach Europe by sea as part of a policy that the International Human Rights Institute has described as arbitrary and inhumane.

Detainees make up a limited proportion of several hundred thousand migrants who pass through Libya in an attempt to reach a European country for asylum.

PFIF stressed the responsibility of the international community, especially the European Union, at a time the awful conditions of the detention centres in Libya, in light of the lack of financial resources in Tripoli to protect these migrants.

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