PFIF Deplores Exploiting Citizens As Bargaining Chips In Syria


PARIS – Paris Francophone Institute For Freedoms (PFIF) condemned exploiting civilian lives as a bargaining chip of armed groups believed to be affiliated to the organization of the Islamic state in the city of Suwayda in southern Syria

The Institute condemned in a press release the ongoing abduction of 27 people in Sawdaa for a month, the vast majority of them were women and children for the purpose of bargaining.

PFIF confirmed that what is happening with these abductees represents an awful and inhumane war crime, requiring the interference of all parties involved in the conflict in Syria to release them immediately.

It expressed its deep concern over using civilians as  bragging chips by the Islamic state groups during negotiations with the Syrian regime and its Russian allies to exchange them with their warriors.

PFIF  pointed to the execution of a well-known 19-year-old student whose family had identified him, in addition to the death of a woman after her abduction..

 The Institute called for regional and international efforts to protect civilians from the conflict , including releasing them immediately and prevent using them as tool of pressure.

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