PFIF Called On Stopping Extensive Abuses Against Yemenis In Saudi Arabia


PARIS – Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms (PFIF) condemned the inhuman treatment of Yemenis in Saudi Arabia without any respect to the war and violence conditions in their country where Riyadh is a key partner.
PFIF, an international human rights group, said in a press statement that a series of monitored evidence showed that Saudi authorities insulted Yemenis living in its territory intentionally with ill-treatment and denial of their most basic rights.

The Institute highlighted the refusal of Saudi government schools to accept Yemeni students with a visit visa and prevent them from attending school. PFIF considered it an arbitrary procedure that discriminates against Yemenis and expresses a rude way to push them to leave the kingdom to avoid the col lapse of their children’s future.

Many Yemenis have not been able to educate their children for three years. Some of them were forced to leave Saudi Arabia and search for any country that receives them or returns to their country despite the wars and conflicts.
PFIF warned of the arbitrary abuses of Yemeni workers by the Saudi authorities that they live like “slave life”, as well as taxes on services, housing and facilities, which worsen their living conditions.
It also referred to the Yemeni workers, especially domestic workers, most of them women, who were subjected to widespread violations such as excessive work, restricted residence, unpaid wages, food and psychological, physical and sexual abuse. Thousands were forced to leave forcibly after serious abuses by security forces during detention and deportation.
Paris Institute also addressed the Saudi authorities’ campaigns to deport immigrants from Yemen to their countries due to the illegal entry. It also highlighted the abuses of these immigrants regardless of their humanitarian situation and the dangers that led them to enter Saudi territory illegally.

The Institute called on the Saudi authority to respect its obligations in international agreements and conventions regarding the treatment of refugees in its lands and to end its widespread violations against Yemenis, including arbitrary detention and the physical, verbal and psychological abuse.

PFIF stressed that Saudi Arabia must assume its legal and humanitarian responsibilities towards Yemenis and their families since it is a key player in the war that has been taking place in Yemen for the last three years, which has killed tens of thousands of civilians and produced the worst humanitarian disaster in the world.

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