PFIF Condemns Verdict Jailed Two Egyptian Journalists


PARIS – Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms (PFIF) condemned a decree of jailing two Egyptian journalists in the background of “breaking Rabaa al-Adawiya sit-in”.

PFIF, an international human rights organization, stated in a press release that the five-year prison sentence -which has already ended- for Mahmoud Abu Zayd, known as “Shukan”, and the 10 years in absentia for Abdullah Shami, the Egyptian journalist and correspondent at Al-Jazeera channel, Is unjust and politicized.

The institute considered the verdict as arbitrary and offensive to press freedom by using the judiciary in Egypt to restrict public freedoms.

PFIF pointed out that the Egyptian authorities arrested Shukan on August 14, 2013, which requires his release within days of his sentence, while released Shami after a hunger strike, which resulted after international pressure to release him on the case.

The institute also stressed that the politicized verdict in the well-known case of “breaking up Rabaa sit-in” disrespects the victims, including four journalists who died in the events without prosecuting the perpetrators.

PFIF called on the Egyptian authorities to stop the use of preventive detention as a tool of punishment and imprisonment, in violation of constitutional rights and principles and laws.

The institution called for an immediate release of all journalists who have been arrested, as well as hundreds of prisoners of freedom of expression and human rights activists.

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