PFIF Report Monitored West Bank PA Violations


PARIS – Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms (PFIF) published a report that monitored the violations of the Palestinian Authority’s security services in the West Bank in October 2018.

PFIF, an international human rights organization, said in its report that the Palestinian Authority carried out 316 violations, including 77 cases of arrests, 73 cases of summons, 97 cases of detention, 19 cases of freedoms suppression, and 18 cases of private property Seizures.

The report documented 8 political detainees for arbitrary trials.

Regarding the political arrests, the report said that 79 prisoners were released from Israeli jails, 70 former political prisoners, 37 university students, 5 teachers, 8 journalists, 44 human rights activists,  (39) employees and university lecturers, and (5) engineers.

According to the report, Hebron was the highest in terms of violations of the authority with (64) violations, followed by the governorates of Nablus and Ramallah with (46) violations.

The Preventive Security Service issued a total 47 arrests, 38 summonses, 19 raids, 9 kidnappings, followed by the intelligence service with 45 arrests, 73 summons and 9 raids.

At the end of his report, PFIF called for an immediate release of all political prisoners from PA prisons as arbitrary detention lacks any due process of judicial proceedings.

The International Institute also called upon the Palestinian Authority and its security services to stop their violations against university students, human rights activists and journalists, and to prohibit political arrests because of violations of their obligations under international conventions and laws

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