Saudi Arabia Bans 3 million Palestinians Preform Hajj & Umrah


PARIS – PFIF condemned Saudi Arabia travel ban on three million Palestinians to perform Hajj and Umrah in Diyarb al-Hijaz, an illegal position that violates the internationally guaranteed right to freedom of worship.

PFIF denounced in a press release the decision of the Saudi authorities to prevent Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and the rest of the world, especially the Jordanian passport.

The Covenant affirms that any act prohibiting the performance of worship is a violation of international humanitarian law and all international conventions, and that Saudi authorities have no right to prevent any Muslim from performing acts of worship according to his identity and nationality because they belong to all Muslims in the world and not to any particular group or nationality.

The Institute expressed its deep concern about the Saudi decision’s connection to the political dimensions and the use of a pressure card on the Palestinian leadership, stressing that it is incompatible with religion and Sharia in the freedom of the practice of worship, including performing Umrah and pilgrimage. It stated that the Saudi decision affects 2.94 million Palestinians who cannot access any other travel document that allows them to go to Saudi Arabia, where millions of Muslims travel every year to pilgrimage to the holy cities in Mecca and Medina.

Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms urged the United Nations Special Rapporteur on freedom of religion and belief and all international human rights organizations to intervene urgently to pressure the Saudi authorities to reverse their arbitrary measures against the Palestinians and stop all policies prohibiting any Muslim from performing religious rites as a guaranteed legal and human right.

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