PFIF Denounces PA Arrests Of Peaceful Demonstrations


PARIS – Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms (PFIF) condemned the Palestinian Authority’s security services for arresting Palestinian citizens arbitrarily in the West Bank over their participation in protests against ” Social Security Act”, which has been widely criticized in Palestinian communities.

PFIF stated in a press release that it had received complaints of the arrest of dozens of Palestinians, some of whom were released and others still detained in several West Bank governorates, particularly Hebron, against the backdrop of popular movement against the Social Security Act.

It affirmed that the arrests are contrary to the Palestinian Basic Law, which supports that the right to freedom of opinion and expression and peaceful assembly which is guaranteed by international law of and the public meetings Act No. 12 of 1998.

The institute called to release of the detainees immediately and to ensure full Palestinian citizens’ right to peaceful assembly and express their opinion according to the law.

It also stressed that any arrests or targeting of participants in the popular demonstrations represent violations of public freedoms and international agreements and conventions signed by the Palestinian Authority and guarantee the right to peaceful assembly.

The importance of implementing a social security law in the Palestinian territories and providing social protection to large sectors of the Palestinian population does not mean that official opposition to a large number of civil society organizations and trade unions is ignored. It requires amendments to respond to negative remarks.

PFIF concluded its statement by calling on the Palestinian Authority to respect the opposing opinions and  to respond to its observations It also asked to stop the violations against freedom of opinion and expression and the right to peaceful assembly.

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