Bahrain: A Verdict Supporting Detaining Human Rights Activist


The Bahrain Supreme Court upheld the conviction against Bahrain’s most prominent human rights defender, Nabeel Rajab.

The Grand Criminal Court has sentenced Rajab to five years in prison since 21 February 2018.

The court convicted activist Nabeel Rajab under Article 133 of the Criminal Penal Code, which relates to “broadcasting false news during wartime”, article 215 on “insulting a foreign state in public” and article 216 on “insulting official bodies”.

Amnesty International considered this verdict against Rajab as shameful and belittling for justice; it exposes the disgraced justice system in Bahrain.

Amnesty International stated that Rajab is punished for writing his comments on his Twitter page.

Accordingly, Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms is following this issue closely and demands that the State of Bahrain allow human rights organizations to meet with human rights activists in prisons to inspect their health status and to determine their status in prisons.

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