PFIF: Sudan Arbitrary Arrests Must Be Stopped


Paris, 6 January 2019

Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms calls for stopping the arbitrary arrests of human rights activists and journalists in Sudan due to the popular protests that have been going on for several weeks.

PFIF has reported the arrest of dozens of activists and journalists in Sudan in recent days, including activist Khadija Duweihi, activist Samah Sayed, journalist Sarah Taj al-Serr and civil society activist Amal Jabrallah.

Detainees were subjected to severe beatings, physical and psychological torture, as well as being held in cells in poor conditions without any consideration for their rights.

The Institute stresses that arbitrary arrests and supressing participants in popular protests in Sudan are unjustified and must be stopped immediately.

PFIF is disappointed that Sudanese authorities have restricted accessing social media, including blocking popular social media websites used to organize protests in the country.

Since December 14, tens of thousands of Sudanese have participated in protests in various parts of the country, including Wad Madani, Port Sudan, Jibit, Gedaref, Atbara, Berber, Dungla, Karima, Damazin, Al-Obeid, Fasher, Khartoum, Durman.

At least 19 people were killed and hundreds wounded, according to official figures, during protests in several cities including Khartoum on December 19 following a government decision to raise bread prices. International human rights reports confirm that 37 people were killed during the protests.

PFIF calls for an immediate release of all detainees participated in or calling for popular protests. It also called for an independent and effective investigation into the government repression of protests and all those responsible for unnecessary or excessive use of force to justice.It stressed the responsibility of the Sudanese authorities to protect the right to peaceful demonstration, freedom of expression and association.

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