PFIF Welcomes Signing Agreement Promoting Tunisian Journalists’ Rights


Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms (PFIF) welcomes the signing of a joint framework agreement by Tunisian journalists with representatives of the media and the Tunisian government.

PFIF expresses its hope that the agreement will make a leap forward in improving conditions for journalists in Tunisia and further protection of their rights and freedom of media work.

The agreement includes clauses and articles that guarantee the recognition of basic principles in the media sector and the social and trade union rights of journalists.

Among the agreed principles is combating discrimination in the sector, editorial independence and respect for professional ethics, including the IFJ’s “Principles of Journalists’ Work” and the “Ethics of the Press” charter in Tunisia.

As well as the right to trade union organization, recognition of trade union representation within media institutions and protection of their status and rights as trade union representatives.

The agreement, which consists of 36 chapters, includes agreements on various issues, including the minimum wage for journalists in Tunisia, with an amount of 1400 Tunisian Dinars (approximately 400 euros), overtime, social and health coverage, leaves, professional development, promotions and vocational training, , Maternity and paternity leave.

It also included a chapter on copyright and the right of journalists to receive money as a result of re-publication or sale of materials produced.

With the press and communities around the world suffering from media standards and deteriorating conditions for journalists, PFIF hopes that the agreement signed in Tunisia will further boost the commitment of journalists’ social and trade union rights in the country.

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