UAE-Affiliated Armed Groups Arrested Yemeni Exposed Their Torture


Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms (PFIF) calls for ending the arbitrary arrests campaigns carried out by armed groups affiliated to the United Arab Emirates in Yemen as being outside the judicial process and without legal basis.

PFIF has received reports of arresting the former activist in the Yemeni Popular Resistance, Tariq Mohammed Bajash, in Aden by UAE forces just days after his release by the Yemeni prosecution after his arrest for more than two years without trial or a specific charge.

Bajash was dismissed by armed groups affiliated with the UAE in Aden. Photographs of him were posted on social media sites documenting his severe physical and psychological torture during his detention. He was re-arrested immediately after the publishing these photos.

The UAE and its armed groups in Yemen bear full responsibility for the safety and life of Bajash. They are required to ensure that he will not be subjected to any new physical or psychological torture and immediately release him.

The Orders by armed groups of the UAE are transported out outside the law and without the knowledge of the prosecution of the legitimate government in Yemen, rather than torture that violates human rights and international conventions.

PFIF emphasizes the responsibility of the United Nations and international organizations to intervene to stop violations by the armed groups of the UAE and all parties to the conflict in Yemen against civilians, especially arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances and torture.

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