Exhibition At UN Plaza, Geneva, Exposes UAE’s Human Rights Violations


Geneva – An exhibition was held at the United Nations in Geneva by human rights organizations exposing the violations of the human rights of the United Arab Emirates and its violations internally and externally, concurrently with the 38th Session of the UN Human Rights Council.

The exhibition focused on the UAE’s attempts to clean its black record of human rights and its horrific abuses by hosting the Dubai Expo in 2020 and opening a branch of the famous Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi.

The exhibition included a simulation of the Louvre and Expo 2020, which included scenes of the most prominent UAE violations..

The exhibition included a variety of images of the UAE’s abuses of human rights inside the country. Such as banning freedom of opinion and expression, arresting human rights activists who asked for achieving the public freedoms in the country, including academics, politicians and journalists.

The pictures showed the blatant violations of public freedoms in the UAE and the repression of opponents by imposing severe restrictions on the use of the Internet and technology and social media.

The exhibition also referred to the disreputable Emirates prisons, especially Al-Razeen prison, where political prisoners, lawyers and bloggers are arrested. They complain of violations of their right to decent treatment. They are subjected to humiliated searches and solitary confinement for the most trivial reasons, in addition to preventing their families visits.

The exhibition also revealed that detainees in the UAE prisons, especially the Rezeen prison, are subjected to numerous violations, including undressing them and let them be naked in order to be subjected to inspection, as well as acts of torture including beatings with whips, placing the stick in the hole, removing the nails, shocking by the electricity, and severely beatings.

It also highlighted the UAE’s violations of human rights abroad, especially in Yemen, and its arbitrary arrests and torture in the context of war crimes, rather than accusations of the deployment of mercenary forces and political assassinations.

The exhibitors sought to show the true face of the UAE as a state that pays no attention to human rights or human worth by committing massacres in Yemen that claimed the lives of thousands of innocent children, women and the elderly.

The exhibition was organized in conjunction with the 38th Session of the UN Human Rights Council. The exhibition on its first day saw intensive visits by human rights figures, journalists, diplomats and passers-by.

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