Paris Francophone Institute For Freedoms Documents Israel’s Violations Of Palestinians Rights In July


PARIS – The Francophone Institute for Freedoms released a report on Israel’s violations Palestinians’ rights in July, calling for international intervention to stop Israel’s hostile practices in the Palestinian territories.

Paris Institute which is an international human rights organization said in a press release that the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem witnessed around 2515 Israeli violations during July.

According to the report, Israel’s violations included killing, wounding and arresting a number of Palestinians. In addition to the settler harassments, storming homes, travel ban, confiscation of property and desecration of holy sites.

The report highlighted the increasing number of Palestinians detainees in Israel during July with (455) cases of detention, compared with June, where the number of detainees were (407).

The number of settlers who stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque during July increased to 3,743, compared with 1,606 in June.

The number of Palestinians prevented from traveling through Al-Karama crossing with the West Bank increased to 364 during July, compared to 309 in June.

The report monitored the Israeli army incursions into 546 West Bank towns and villages and 60 settler attacks against Palestinians and their property.

The number of injures in Israeli attacks during July raised to 172 cases compared with June, which recorded (123) cases.

Three Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces in the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem over the past month, while the number of military checkpoints increased to 546 in July compared to 409 in June.

The report also noted a rise in the rate of confiscation of property belonging to Palestinians by the Israeli occupation army; 30 cases in July, compared to 16 in June at the same year.

It also recorded 280 Israeli army raids on Palestinian homes, while Ramallah, Jerusalem and Hebron were the most towns exposed to Israeli violations (407, 327 and 327), respectively.

At the end of a report, Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms called for serious international intervention to stop Israel’s violations of the Palestinians’ rights and to prevent the formation of an international mechanism for peace in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Francophone Institute urged United Nations organizations and international human rights bodies to work to end Israel’s violation of Palestinian rights, including arbitrary arrest, exile and forced deportation.

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