PFIF Concerned About UAE Cybercrimes Law’s Amendment


PARIS – Paris Francophone Institute For Freedom(PFIF) is deeply concerned about the United Arab Emirates (UAE) new amendment of the cybercrimes law that could impose additional restrictions on public freedoms in the country.

The Institute stated in a press release that it feared that the amendment would further prosecute and target human rights activists and limit public freedoms in the social media platforms in the UAE.

The amendment mentioned included the substitution of three articles related to the illegal creation, management and use of information on the Internet, claiming that it would endanger the security of the State and its supreme interests, harm public order or attack any of those charged with implementing the provisions of the law.

The Institute warned that the amendment carried loose phrases and open accusations that would allow the UAE authorities to issue arrest warrants, prosecutions and targeting according to their definition of those items that are not specified by certain controls.

The amendment included a punishment by a temporary prison and a fine of not more than one million dirhams for anyone who managed a site,  supervised or used information exposing the security of the state and endangers its supreme interests.

Paris Francophone Institute For Freedoms called on the UAE authorities to review the amendment of the law, mainly related to the intensification of penalties for violators by relying on loose charges that carry restrictions on freedom of publication under the terms of incitement to hatred.

The institution called on the United Nations and relevant international bodies to intervene with to compel the UAE to respect their obligations under international charters and laws on the protection and preservation of public freedoms and freedom of opinion and expression.

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