PFIF Concerns About Deliberate Medical Neglect Of Detainees In Saudi Arabia


PARIS – Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms (PFIF) expressed its deep concern over the deliberate medical negligence of the Saudi authorities against hundreds of prisoners of conscience.
The Institute, which is an international human rights organization, stated in a press release that it monitored the spread of “scabies” among the detainees in Jeddah. The infection has spread during transferring detainees to the trials in Riyadh.
PFIF stressed that the medical negligence against the detainees in Saudi Arabia is a major human rights crime should not be silent and all international human rights organizations must act immediately to stop this crime.
The institute warned that this health negligence violates the system of penal proceedings and all international human rights instruments that guarantee the rights of the detainee and ensure full health care for him.
PFIF said that human rights sources in Saudi Arabia confirmed the increase in the number of prisoners of conscience in Saudi Arabia to 2613, including lawyers, judges, academics, scientists and prominent media figures.
It stated that the medical negligence of these people is a slow death which causes an escalation of the political enmity and reprisals against political opponents and detainees. This is an additional attempt to intimidate all activists and opponents, especially the sick and the elderly from imprisonment and the slow death in prisons.
The excessive medical negligence in the prisons against political prisoners of conscience may be mostly deliberate as a form of abuse and an additional means of a penalty against detainees who received a fair share of violations during their arrest and trials, PFIF stated.
Paris Francophone Institute for Freedoms expressed its concern about the consequences of this phenomenon of medical negligence against the detainees in Saudi Arabia and the poor treatment services in prisons in general. It stressed that everyone, even if detained, has the right to a good health. In addition, the concerned organizations shall take the necessary measures to ensure that the detainees of opinion obtain their rights and preserve their life and health

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